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TREC CE Provider 10536

Things I think you should know (because I get asked about this stuff a lot):

  • Courses with less than 10 students registered may be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor.  In the event of cancellation a refund will be issued.
  • CE’s are earned by completing the course.  A registration fee is due when you take the course whether you want/need/qualify for the CE or not.
  • Zoom links are not sent out.  The Zoom link is on the course listing.  Look for the “Watch” button.   It’s removed 30 minutes after the class starts.  You can save the link which is right next to it if you would like..
  • Reminder emails go out through a separate system at 2 days and again at 3 hours before the class .
  • Students who join the class without paying will be removed from the class.  Payment must be made prior to the scheduled time for the class to start.
  • I recommend taking the zoom information and creating a calendar reminder for yourself and putting that info in the reminder so you can find it easily.
  • The “add to calendar” link will “subscribe” to my events.  This puts them in your calendar auto-magically.  It works similar to holidays and if you click it and later decide you want to get rid of it the setting is in your email where holidays are configured.  It is usually an “other calendar”.  It is a great way to be the first to know about classes I am offering.