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Class Handouts

Understanding Heat Pump Systems R45797 / IH45838
Slide Deck from Course
HVAC Refrigerants Explained R45761 / IH45842
Slide Deck from Course
HVAC Updates 2023 R45626 / IH45558
Slide Deck from Course
HVAC Systems R45625 / IH45559
Slide Deck
Wood Destroying Insects – What Real Estate Professionals Should Know R44866 / IO44862
Class Presentation / Slides
Understanding and Explaining TREC Inspection Reports R44831 / IR44863
Slide Deck Download
Understanding the WDI T-5 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report R44678 / IO44610
Slide Deck as PDF
The Ups and Downs of Foundations #43973 / 43935
Slide Deck as PDF
Residential Solar Systems in Real Estate #43934 / #43972
Slide Deck
TREC Form 52-0 –Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases
Deck, Balcony and Exterior Stair Inspections and Safety #43238
Slide Deck
NADRA Deck Evaluation Guide
Inside Edition Deck Safety Segment
Deck Lawsuit Video
Understanding a Home Inspection as it Relates to Child Safety #43171
Slide Deck as PDF
CPSC Garage Door Child Entrapment Deaths Press Release
Press Release
CPSC memorandum on Garage Door Child Injuries
One Child Safety Window Stop Option:
KidCo Window Stop
Inspection Success – Easy Things Sellers Can Fix #43137
Slide Deck as PDF
Home Inspection Checklist

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Deck, Balcony, and Exterior Stair Inspections and Safety
TREC Inspection SOP online edition
Deck Collapse Video – YouTube
Stairway Manufacturer Association – Visual Interpretation of Stair Codes
NADRA – 10 point Deck Safety Checklist
Introduction to Sewer Camera Inspections 42747
Course Handouts
Slide Deck as PDF
Texas Attorney General Opinion on Inspectors performing Sewer Scope Inspections
Obsolete Electrical Panels – A Closer Look
Slide Deck as a PDF
CPSC Background Material
Engineer report regarding FPE Panels
2008 Federal Court Judgement
Example Insurer Risk Management Notice
Article From Code Check about FPE Panels and Breakers
News Episode about FPE Panels
FPE Breaker Breakdown
Slow Motion Breaker Video
Pushmatic Breaker Video
REI 7-6 and Inspection Standards Update for Agents and Brokers
REI 7-6 and SOP for Inspectors
Course Handouts
Agent Slide Deck in PDF
Inspector Slide Deck in PDF
New SOP with Changes Highlighted
New Report with Changes Highlighted
New SOP from TREC without changes highlighted
Breaker Color Key
GFCI and AFCI Demonstration Video
Tamper Resistant Outlet Video